CAP ( Christians Against Poverty)

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CAP ( Christians Against Poverty)

CAP is a free debt counselling service which seeks to help those who are struggling in the local community with debt and poverty issues. We visit people in their own homes and assist them to gather up paperwork regarding income, expenditure and debts. We then formulate a budget to help clients manage their income. We present clients with a solution for becoming debt free. Often this involves a CAP plan which we help clients set up which enabled clients to make one payment into by standing order each month which in turn enables CAP to pay their debts. Part of CAP’s work is to negotiate with creditors to stop interest rates and charges both of which we are very successful. Where insolvency is the preferred route out of debt we carry out the necessary steps which includes preparing the paperwork for the court and making application. We provide both practical and emotional support and work with clients until they become debt free. We treat people with respect and provide a non judgemental befriending service. We organise community events for our clients to enable people to feel valued and prevent social isolation. Prior to becoming debt free we provide a free CAP money course which gives people both the tools and the skills to formulate their own budget, manage their finances and remain debt free. We offer other courses free such as practical cooking on a budget to help money go further.

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