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Larne Community Development Project

Larne Community Development Project is based in the Linn Road Community Centre.
Our facilities include a large main hall suitable for sports clubs, community group meetings, consultations and training.
Since its formation LCDP has successfully developed and assisted a wide range of Community / Voluntary organisations in a number or ways.
Such help includes:
* Community Development Information
*How to set up a Group
*Drafting a Constitution
*Committee Roles
Advice on such things as:
*Local area network contacts
*Where and How to apply for funding
Support in the form of providing:
*A centrally located resource facility where groups can have meetings and use clerical assistance
*Grant Tracker
Larne Community Development Project supports various sections of the community including
*Young people
*Elderly People
*People with Disabilities
*Sports & Leisure Groups
*Community & Voluntary Organisations
The main hall is also the perfect venue for birthday parties and other events. We have a fully equipped kitchen which is also available for use.
For booking enquiries and appointments please contact us by telephoning 028 28278199 or emailing

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